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About the girl behind the camera


I’m Crystal! I have been at the helm of Birds on a Wire Photography for 11 years.  I’m Southeast based, but I LOVE to roam. Some of my favorite spots so far include Asheville NC, Savannah GA, Seattle WA, Vermont, Atlanta GA, Colorado, Las Vegas NV, Joshua Tree, Big Sur & Santa Monica, CA.


Things That Make Me Happy

Car rides with music booming

Succulents planted in cute planters


My family & friends

Decor, Anthropologie, & Lush (seriously if you follow me on insta, my stories usually consist of bath bomb videos)


My pup

The Fall

Cute coffee mugs

Kindness, understanding, grace, mercy, respect, listening, peacefulness

God crafting me just as I am - tender and fluffy


I’d love the opportunity to meet you and find out what makes you smile! 

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I love people. I believe in the power of telling a story through my photography and building lasting relationships with the people in those stories along the way. I photograph weddings and cry at As my Mama says, I am a “feeler”. I also love photographing high school seniors, families and children.  In the business world, I have worked to provide headshots and commercial photography portfolios to realtors, interior designers, churches, lawyers, politicians, etc and have been humbled to have billboards with my work pop up on the interstate from time to time.

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I believe in valuing small businesses and being able to afford talented artists. As one of my photography mentors told me once, no matter how popular he became, he could never justify raising prices because of success. Same here. Same.

It’s important for me to mention that I am LGBTQ friendly. I also have a niche for boudoirs (lingerie sessions) and I can PROMISE you that you are not ready for all the fun we will have!  Let me just say that there is no “normal” body type. We are all made differently and you don’t need to be a certain size, big, small or anything in between to rock a boudoir session. Legit, girl bye; you’re ready today, just as you are!

It’s also important for me to share that you don’t need to invite me to a Pinterest board. For sure tell me the look you’re going for, but trust that I can make it happen. I love the unique, the rule breakers, the couple session in Piggly Wiggly or a 16 Candle themed couples shoot. I’m dying to do a Dirty Dancing themed shoot next!

I’d walk into a storm with you
Let the wind dance with our home with you
Let the lightning break our bones with you
Oh I’d walk into a storm.
— The Lone Bellow